I was just wondering if anybody knows or can clarify that the betrayal system currently in Halo Reach Matchmaking, i.e the ability to boot someone out of a game whether it is accidental or deliberate, is going to be the same in the Matchmaking aspect of the Halo: CE Anniversary Edition.

I was also wondering if you are booted out of a game whether it is accidental or deliberate, would that act as a quit resulting in a Matchmaking ban that is also currently in Halo Reach Matchmaking.

Thank You.

The current betrayal system is even more broken than the original betrayal system. Numerous times I’ve run into habitual betrayers that betray me multiple times without an option to boot them.

I ran into one who betrayed right off the start of the game for rockets, he proceeded to kill me 4 times with rockets for a total of 5 betrayals. My other two teammates bailed leaving me with a habitual betrayer constantly shooting me in the back putting me 1-shot. I quit out on the 6-7th betrayal, checked his game history and noticed at least 1-3 betrayals in each of his past 25 games.

Getting booted for betraying counts towards the quit ban from what people have said on this forum.

If you like betraying fear not as the same flawed system will be in Halo: CEA.

Betrayals work on a lifetime basis. The less games you have where you betray, your kill/betrayal rate, and the less betrays you have overall - they all factor into this. The betrayal system is broken because, much like a very healthy person can go on a binge of tasty food with no consequence, an otherwise noble player can have a game wherein he betrays people five, six, hell even seven times before they get booted.