Betrayal glitch?

I forgot to post this, but about two days ago i was in a big team battle and my teammate on a ghost kept running over people after they killed an enemy. It seems when he ran them over, it counted as an enemy killing them, and not a betrayal. Has anyone else experienced this?

yes, this is pretty annoying

could be a booster… if a player does enough damage to an enemy, but dies, it doesnt matter how the surviveing player dies (via betrayal , sucicied, etc.) it will count as the dead players kill. so it might be a new boosting way

Bump anyone else know about this?

Seems to class as an opposition kill if it’s done quick enough to a large amount of damage being done.

I’ve had it happen to me but the opposite way round though I laughed my -Yoink- off when I realised it as I’d emp’d an opponent before I got splattered and when my opponent got splattered by his own team, I got the kill for my plasma pistol commendations :smiley: