Betrayal Booting in GrifBall

So can anyone completely explain the good behind betrayal booting in grifball? I feel like it wasn’t there for a reason in the past reiterations of the gamemode so why now? It’s pretty easy to go to slam an enemy and accidentally betray your teammates at the same time, actually, accidental betrayals should be expected seeing how the game mode is nothing but chaos most of the time. Being booted for accidentally crushing your teammates in a game like grifball just makes no sense and should really be fixed, I understand annoying trolls spawn camping their teammates is a problem, but all together it’s not that big of a problem for betrayal booting to be necessary.

Agreed. Booting needs to be removed as an option for Grifball

Disagree… the amount of team killing trolls in Grifball, I once watched a guy in Reach team kill his entire team all match long… one of the guys went something stupid like -63 because of a team killing troll

Too many trolls would come if booting was off

No it needs to be removed because their are booting trolls too but to satisfy both parties, remove booting and turn off friendly fire. Those are our two main problems right there. Booting people because you’re a jerk and being able to kill teammates. Seriously turn off friendly fire what the hell were you thinking, that everyone will politely pair off and keep our distances from each other. 343 really needs to learn the meaning of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Friendly Fire was not part if the original grifball because one of the main tactics it to be able to propel teammates forward with hammer bursts. Now all that happens is betrayals and wasted time.

Its not that hard to pay attention and not whack your teammates, a little common sense and situational awareness and you’ll find that you’re not being booted.