Betrayal boot system

I really think the boot system needs a bit of work. Now believe me when I say it’s a heck of a lot better than reach, but still. I don’t think you should be booted for one vehicle betrayal in a game. I mean, some people just get in your way. Boots for accidents don’t really help anyone (and no 343 not all your players are well intentioned and forgive accidents). What’s worse is when it’s totally not my fault. I just played a game on vortex where I hijacked a ghost that was headed full speed towards my teammate. Right when I took control of it it hit him, BOOM booted. I feel like this could be fixed (eg. No boots for betrayals 5 secs after hijack). Come on

No boots for betrayals 5 secs after hijack seems like a good idea.
I would make it 2 seconds though.

I always give everybody a second chance in those situations.
Only when I realize someone is team killing on purpose I do the booting.
I do as I expect others do for me.

You will only get booted for one betrayal if you’ve betrayed or been booted in previous games. Normally, it’s Two Betrayals (lol) within a small amount of time in order to get booted.

Yeah, I agree. I run over people ALL the time, and my rep. is super negative beccause of it lol. I love using vehicles, but if it’s not a Banshee (or Falcon in Reach) then I end up mowing down my whole team on accident!