Beta Testers needed


I am looking for people to beta test a map that I’m trying to get into the community maps. I need feed back on the map and any issues people see with the map. If interested message me from here and I’ll send you an invite or have you get the map from my file share. So please let me know. Map name is Krazie eights and is for slayer or swat.

I like this map, Its fun and well put together. Good job man.

what your gt?


I love to test maps!

If you do slayer BTB or Objectives designed maps i know balance, game play and spawns really well! :smiley:

Hello right now the map is set up for slayer and swat I want to get those tested first then move to adding objectives and the map i think might be small for a big team battle. but if you would like to test the map out it is in my file share under the gamer tag Ravensmoke42069. let me know what you think of it and pass it on.

If you’re looking for people to test your map out, try the Recruiting Forum. Also, every Wednesday, AgentPaperCraft host’s the Test Night with a Cartographer, where you can have you maps tested and critiqued by a community cartographer, potentially to be put into matchmaking.

Hope that helps!