Beta Test of 'C&R: Retreat'

After seeing a heap of different Cops and Robbers style maps; I thought I’d try making one myself. A few of the people in my friend list have already played on this map; and they like it. I’ve uploaded the map and gametype into my FileShare, and I hope you like it.

[Link to map]( CT)
[Link to Gametype]( CT)

The Robbers (Zombies) spawn inside small cells towards the back of the prison structure. The Cop (Survivor) spawn at the end of the cellblock.

Once the robbers escape the cellblock, turn left or right and head down a corridor towards the front of the base (if you enter the round bunker; turn around). Continue towards the front of the base and they’ll see a ramp heading up to the [second floor]( CT). There are six Hogs and two Mongeese there, so varied escape options are present.

Once outside the base, robbers can explore the Island, and they might come across a [small mine]( CT), [a campfire]( CT), [a small base ]( CT)containing Covie weapons and the letter “L” (for Lazlo; a fictious character from one of my first maps. He specialised in obtaining Covie weapons.), a [communication station ]( CT)and a [sensor node]( CT). There are more items scattered around the landscape, and some benefit people on [Mongeese]( CT) and others in Hogs.

I’m going to keep the map and gametype in my fileshare until the 1/2/12 (AEST). Please let me know what you think of this creation.

Thanks in advance.

I’m ending the Beta testing in a few hours. Thanks to anyone who downloaded the map and gametype.