Beta Playlist

We all heard that 343i won´t bring back the CE Multiplayer in H:CEA, so can I ask you 343i if you could make a Beta playlist with the same balance and map options like in the Beta and only the maps that were enabled in the beta(without Armor lock) and if it would be possible also invasion from the beta and generator defense. I think that would bring some fans back to Reach. I know I would come back.
Thank you for listening.

Where is the article where they say this?

A article about what?

Where they confirm that they will not be doing multiplayer like in CE.
Or isn’t there one?

That will be very weird if they don’t have Multiplayer. I saw in the trailer that it seemed like they did have a couple of Halo: CE Multiplayer Maps. I could be wrong though.

Frankie said in the interview here that Halo CEA will contain 7 of the best maps of the trilogy for Reach. They didn´t want to split the community so they only make new maps for Reach.