BETA Members!!!! For Skilled Players!!!!

(I am not the leader of this team) I am AsIanChief3C the member of BETA. Our Leader is Xbox360elite54C. He is a AWESOME leader and makes his clan the best it could be! If you want to join this clan these are the steps:

Add or Message ----> AsIaNChIeF3C.
Message------------> BETA, Can I join your clan?
-Then later on I will reply and we will have a 1v1 duel to see if you are skilled. During this match their will be a spectator/referee which is the leader. So if you shoot him there will be a automatic penalty and I will get to assassinate you.You will have to get at least 150 points (15 kills) in order to join this clan when you 1v1 me. However, If I beat you 10-15 kills apart you will not be able to join this clan.

Then the leader that refereed the 1v1 game will decide if you are able to join the clan!

If you join you will need to where Blue as your primary color and white as your secondary color.

Then you will be a Member in the BETA clan.


-Play gametypes together.
-Practice such as races, obstacle courses, and FFA in Custom Games.
-Play some custom games who maps are made by professional forgers.