Beta Feedback

This is just my opinion on the gameplay. I’m here to be constructive so that maybe I can help with 343 decide what to do with the beta and for the real game. Let me start out saying that I’ve been playing halo since the very first one launched in 2001. I’ve been a diehard fan ever since. Now with halo 5 I was real skeptical about the aim down sights and the thruster packs but after I realized we’ve had aim down sights for years with out knowing it I was fine with it. As for the thruster packs I was fine with it after I played one match. It reminded me of the halo 4 thruster pack which I used all the time in halo 4. Halo 5 feels fresh and new but there are a few things that 343 could improve on as I’ll list below.

-Map flow of Truth: when 343 stated that they were going to go back to an arena style gameplay I was excited for it to make a comeback to halo. The first map of the beta I played was Truth. Truth is a good map but I think it lacks the wow factor that the original Midship had in halo 2. Truth is a fun map to play but I found myself feeling like there was just too much stuff going on…too complex. The original Midship had simplicity on its side with plenty of options for battle. You had the close quarters of the blue and red base or the long lines of sight from carbine to pink tower. I feel that Truth has gotten rid of the simplicity to the original map. To me it almost feels claustrophobic, way too many obstacles in the way. There’s not too many clear lines of sight to battle from a distance and that’s what I miss about Midship. I believe if they cleared some things up a little it would play much more smoothly. But overall still a fun map to play on. If 343 didn’t change anything with it I could live with that.

-Map flow of Empire: Where do I start? This map probably sounded good on paper but I honestly don’t think this map should have made the cut. Let’s just get straight to the point…the map is just too cluttered. I understand what 343 was trying to do with this map, put their new clambering ability in the spotlight, but there’s just too much going on in the map. Lines of sight are way too narrow. The only good battles that happen are right outside of the turbine or in the back base. This would probably be an excellent assault or ctf map but slayer isn’t one of its best games. When I’m running around I feel like there’s always a chance of a camper right around the corner at every turn. Normally you never get that feeling in halo but to me on this map its always in the back of my mind. And that’s the problem with this map. Halo has never been a camping kind of game like call of duty is at times. Halo is supposed to be smooth run and gun gameplay and with this map I feel like everyone is supposed to camp. And God forbid if your on the ground level running away you’ll never live. I feel like I always have to run to the top of the map in order to just survive and I don’t like that at all. If they could clear this map up a little it would be great I think, just like Empire’s counterpart Eden…Eden has its open spots and close quarters all in one, an excellent map in my opinion. The same goes for Regret as well…great design with great playing spaces.

-Weapons Battle Rifle: I’m glad to see that the 4 shot kill is back. I’m a little curious if the 4 shot kill is 4 shots to the head or 3 to the body and 1 to the head. I can’t seem to figure it out but in time I’m sure I will. It seems to me that it was 4 shots to the head right when they released the BR starts earlier this week but now it’s hard to pull it off. I don’t know if it’s just me or the servers are lagging or the hit boxes or what but I’m sure 343 will tweak it somehow for the better.

-Weapons grenades: I know a lot of people won’t agree with what I’m about to say but oh well, they have to be nerfed. I understand that we now have thruster packs to evade them and all but it seems every time there’s a grenade next to me and I thrust away it still hits me. I went back and played some Classic halo 2 online on the master chief collection and I was throwing nades in that game and was noticing how accurate you really had to be to get a good hit on them. I feel that if 343 wants to bring back the feel and nostalgia of arena style gameplay then they need to bring down the damage for the nades. I feel like I’m playing call of duty with all the random nades being thrown. Grenade throwing used to be an art in halo 2 and 3 and now i feel like the nades are being spammed all over the map. Bring down the blast radius a tad and bring down the damage. Make using nades a skill again.

-Weapons Hydra: Call me crazy but I believe this thing needs a buff. I normally wouldn’t say that a power weapon needs a buff but I’ve noticed that I can BR someone to death with them barely doing any damage to me when they fire the Hydra without locking on. If it’s gonna be a power weapon make sure it has the power to kill people lol. This would be a sine fix…increase lock on times and raise the damage a bit. Other than that it’s a cool new versatile weapon.

-Hitboxes: I know it’s just a beta and they’ll fine tune this game before it comes out but something has to be done with the hit boxes. The hit boxes are decent right now but they’re not perfect.

-Aiming: I’m not sure if anyone else feels the way I feel about aiming but I feel like something is just off…not smooth enough or something. When going back to play the master chief collection halo 2,3, and 4 almost feel the same and then this feels a little different. I can’t out my finger on it but it’s not as smooth or something…I always feel like I’m having to readjust my aim sensitivity…previous halos I played on 4 or 5 now I’m playing on 7 or 8…It might just be because this is the beta and the net code it’s finished yet for the game but idk its just something I can’t describe…other people may know what I’m talking about.

Other than those few things I listed off I love the game…this has the potential to be the best halo since halo 2 and I loved halo 2’s feel of competitiveness. 343 just listen to the fans and you guy will forever be better than bungie and create the next great halo experience.

I also think that the shields don’t recharge fast enough lol

The ranking system needs to be fixed…it’s not my fault if I’m out on a god awful team…don’t penalize good players for not being able to support 3 other bad players…something has to be fixed.