Beta Feedback

  1. FLINCH, WHY is this still here? it was specifically SAID flinch was out, descope was in, so why the HELL if there still flinch, and now we ALSO get descoped…
    2.Kill times, kill times are currently insanely fast, what the F? seriously, players die nearly instantly to the AR of all things.
  2. NETCODE, get hit by a SINGLE ar bulet, suddenly i’m dead, i see the killcam, and boom it shows them getting maybe one or two hits on me, rest is all air and yet people are still dying.
  3. smart scope…oh it doesn’t offer any benefits over "hip"fire, BS seriously it turns the AR into a decent mid range gun, i mean it can now be used to seriously hamper ANY scoper from very long range.
  4. Recoil, ok, you now how many guns have had recoil in the past? the smg…thats really it, and yet, EVERY gun has recoil now, did spartan fours say “screw it” on arm day?