Beta Feedback and Forum Woes

My brother and I have spent a good 5 hours on the Beta so far and we’re both loving it. I’m a long time (Halo: CE) Halo player and huge Halo fan and I don’t have any issues with ADS, sprint or any of the other features that people seem to be hating on.

The grenade blast radius and damage is excessive however, being hit by one is almost always a nuclear one-shot if you have anything less than full shields, and the AR needs a slight range nerf (but not damage, it’s great to see the AR useable for once) - being outgunned by an AR in an AR-BR fight at mid range is wrong. I’ve been killed by the AR multiple times before getting the fourth BR shot on the enemy - and that’s a fire rate issue not a skill issue, just to be clear. Also we both feel that the AR is very inconsistent in firefights: maybe headshots do more damage, leading shots is back from H3 or the hit registration is a little off - we’re not sure. Sometimes you rip someone apart with one, sometimes you feel like you’re doing no damage.

On to my forum woes, it irritates me that some people expect 343i to release game after game with no innovation, forward-thinking or creativity and basically just keep releasing Halo 2 every year. (And yes, I love Halo 2 to death but I wouldn’t want it four times in a row.)

Halo is my favourite franchise on the Earth and I’d hate it to go stale; I totally agree Halo 4’s multiplayer wasn’t the greatest and the MCC had a rough launch - I’m not just some blatant fanboy apologist. But on the other hand, I think that 343i have taken my favourite franchise and breathed new life into it, fictionally and mutiplayer-wise. They deserve more respect than they’re currently getting on the forums, not every company gets everything right.

They’ve put Halo 5 out in the wild a year early for us not for them, so they can collect what should be our intelligent/constructive feedback on our next multiplayer title, but every other forum thread on here seems to be “stop making COD”, “stop ruining Halo”, “343bola” and “stop giving -Yoink!- your money” etc. Unnecessary attacks on the company who can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of some purist “fans”. If they reskinned Halo 3 and released that, they’d be labelled as copy-cats and accused of recycling old content. Some people can’t seem to be happy any more, the (vocal majority) gaming community has become one mass of criticism, tin-foil hats and mindless abuse.

Let’s give these guys some well-earned respect for making what is (I hope many will agree) a fantastic foundation for a future multiplayer giant - it would be amazing to see Halo on the big stages again and this is undoubtedly the way to do it.

Rant over.