Beta feedback after 100+ hours

After playing the beta for over 100 hours, I think there are some important feedback points to discuss before this game officially releases. In order of importance:

  1. Ranked multiplayer
  2. Melee system
  3. Lack of things to do/strive for
  4. Menu UI and navigation

The battle pass, micro transactions, and lack of player progression has been beaten to death online and in these forums, so I won’t be saying anything else about that, but I do agree with the complaints.

It should also be noted that this is negative feedback only, and I think the visuals, sandbox, and map design are absolutely amazing.

  1. Ranked Multiplayer
  • Not having a radar is fine, but the footsteps need to be louder. Getting assassinated so much is not a good feeling. It also eliminates the option of crouch-stealth that has been present in all the other halos.
  • The experience gained/lost after each match is not consistent, nor does it always make sense. I will top-score, and win 5 games in a row, only to go up a very tiny amount each time. But if I lose one game, and still perform great, I lose a quarter of the bar. This is very discouraging.
  • Teammates lag out or quit as soon as the match starts. Not sure how much of this is due to problems on 343s end, but there is no worse feeling that starting a ranked match with a man down. At the very least, please include the option for that player to rejoin the match. This is standard in many other popular games and it works just fine. Additionally, the experience lost after a game like this should consider the disadvantage that the team faced.
  1. Melee System
  • Assassinations are very unreliable right now. This could be a simple hit-box adjustment. I will squarely smack an enemy in the back, and they won’t die. I have many video clips to demonstrate this.
  • No player collisions with teammates has introduced a very strange and annoying issue. Two teammates will enter a boxing match with an enemy, but instead of the enemy getting beat down twice and dying, the two teammates inevitably end up hitting eachother as they phase through eachother while lunging on the enemy. I’ve seen several times where the single player actually WINS a 1v2 melee situation because of this.
  1. Lack of things to do/strive for
  • This goes along with the slow battle pass leveling, no player progression system, and no armor to unlock anywhere else but the store. This is a HUGE issue if not resolved before launch. The game can be as fun as anything, but if there isn’t actually anything to strive for, it will flop. I love playing this game, but I’ve already gotten bored because you run out of stuff to do so fast.
  • I recommend a Halo Reach style commendation system for each gun, with the ultimate reward being some golden skin (or whatever) for the gun upon total completion. I also recommend the progression system, other in-game (FREE!) methods of unlocking armor and skins, and less fluff in the battle pass. Fluff is defined as experience boosts, challenge swaps, and things of the like. There is really no place for these gadgets in the battle pass, and they feel hollow.
  1. Menu UI and navigation
  • I find the menu to be overly complicated and hard to get around. Seems the spartan id and ai/body type menu could be consolidated into the armor hall area. Pressing start should bring up settings and customization, the store, and not much else. Custom games, online multiplayer, forge, and campaign should be the main menu buttons.
  • Let us customize our Spartans while we wait for a match/load in to a match! Nobody wants to pause searching for a match to customize their spartan.

Side note - Players who purchase the full game with campaign should not have to keep shelling out money for battle passes etc. At the very least, there should be PLENTY of unlocks, rewards, and long-term goals to work for in this part of the game.

I think this game has the makings of something really great, but 343 has some serious work to do tightening up these screws. Also, players are smarter than you think, and can easily see through some of these petty monetization schemes. Don’t let greed ruin another game.


it also a little disheartening to see people already with battle pass level 100. Just bought it I guess… It make the reward feel cheap whenever I get it. Like oh I finally got it… well people also had it day 1…


I have some streamers with in, wonder if it was the promotion thing. Sponsored to play and given battle pass 100 to show things off?

Currently have 80+ hours and i completely agree with your feedback, especially the melee hit registration, too many backsmacks doing no damage

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I’m loving the game, without a doubt the best Halo for me for a long time. But we really need more maps, game modes and weapons.