Beta Emails

So is anybody else running into the issue where they have not received an email for the beta and don’t give me some rhetoric about did you check to see if you verified

I did, its just more 343, lacking, you guys don’t get any leeway now, I hope you know that you have to be on it or you’re not on it at all with a lot of us

i mean i dont think its 343 lacking, i just dont think you were selected at this point and you should accept that. the amount of these posts are annoying

Not everyone could get selected for the first flighting
Sorry you didn’t get selected in this first flight, maybe, hopefully you will get selected for subsequent flights

They literally said not everyone would get in. Only some people get to participate. If you didn’t get an email it means you didn’t get in. Each consecutive flight will have more and more people. So you’ll probably get into the next one. They only wanted a certain amount of people with each different hardware configuration for this limited first flight.

Going to close this off due to to the volume of similar threads about invites between here in the Insider forums.

Please see my pinned PSA for more information about invites [and the last post of that topic as well]

Additionally please see this post about downloading and accessing the build later today