Beta code length

Hey Spartans,
I signed up for halo flights about 5 hours ago. I have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to. How long does it normally take to receive a beta code?

Took maybe a month or so for me to get one. Guess YMMV.

If you only just signed up then you won’t get a code for this weekend, you needed to have signed up by the 13th of this month. You may still be able to play BTB next weekend.

> Next weekend we are widening the funnel and opening things up more. <mark>Steam and Xbox players will have an opportunity to participate without going through the Halo Insider process</mark>. I’m not sure at what scale yet - it will really depend how well things go this weekend and if we’re hitting our concurrency targets. Next weekend we need to push it even harder, so we’ll be using data from this weekend to identify how we’re trending and then back into the totals we need. <mark>So it’ll let more people in but there will be a cap</mark>.