Best & Worst thing you seen in Halo 4 so far?

Best things: Well, the campaign ofc… but with the multiplayer, hmm. must be that we dont need to think on spawntimes annymore… and all the new medals + spartan ops looks much better then the old and boring FF:)

Worst → We die faster… not a big fan of that one:/ harder to keep on the sprees now… and the sniper looks stupid:/ the sniper have allways been my fav weapon… well, i just need to adapt on that part with halo 4 i guess :wink:

Worst- Warthog LAAG and Mounted Machine Gun sounds too unfitting

Best- Warthog looks BEAUTIFUL!!!11! Exclamation point

Best - Everything to do with the Campaign/Spartan Ops except the scripted events and Quick-time events.

Worst - Anything taken from CoD.

Best- A lot of it

Worst- No action mapping :frowning:

Best: Campaign & Spartan Ops

Worst: The way medals and the sniper look. Then again, gameplay is more important than looks. I’m also not a fan of personal ordnance drops so I’ll probably stick to game modes without them.

Best: Spartan Ops

Worst: B as crouch

best: pretty much everything in MP. really happy in the direction its going.

worst: the sniper rifle. Fires so much slower and it looks awful un scoped.

Best: The midnight blue Ghost.
Worst: No Plasma Rifle :frowning:

Best-Almost everything

Worst- 5sk BR and ugly Sniper with poor sound (Seems like a step back from Anniversary)and no Plasma Rifle.

> best: pretty much everything in MP. really happy in the direction its going.
> worst: the sniper rifle. Fires so much slower and it looks awful un scoped.

true… it looks like a metro 2031 weapon:/ hope they fix it til the game ships

Best: Graphics
Worst: Sprint

> Best: The midnight blue Ghost.
> <mark>Worst: No Plasma Rifle :frowning:
> I know that feeling bro.

Best: Your Spartan + MC
Worst: Instant-Respawn, DMR, Promethean Vision


  • Campaign, 'nuff said. Not one remotely negative thing about it so far.


  • Control Schemes. Every single one of them can be improved in some way.

Best- Spartan-Ops and Campaign.

Worst- The Sniper rifle appearance and the Covie gun sounds.

Best- Everything. Really

Worst- The purist fanboys who will try their hardest to change everything about it.

(Also, I would like a control scheme a bit more similar to Reach)


Worst-Aspects taken from CoD

Even pros say that there was a lot of CoD aspects.

Best:That 343 is not intimidated by hardcore halo fans that want the old halo formula back(h2-3),and that they have taken liberties to make a new halo formula and do whatever they want.After all,who wants to spend almost 3 years(H4 dev. cycle) copying somebody’s else work?(with minor tweaks)

Worst:1)Control scheme…this is one of those times where we wish there would be more buttons on our X360 contoller.

Best - hitscan returns

Worst - slow killing weapons still in Halo.

Best: Solid strafe.

Worst: DMR bloom, sniper covering a fourth of the screen, BR spread, BR being nerfed to 5 shot, grenade hitmarkers, aim acceleration remaining in and still no option for it, no spectator mode, over segregated or/and flat maps with awkward connections and hallways, broken bumper jumper, no custom controls and no confirmation of individul weapon damage modifiers.

What can I say? Everyone’s a critic.