Best weapons for Slayer?

Beam Rifle and Battle Rifle

The Beam Rifle has so much magnetism it’s really a bunch of free kills.

Well, it all depends on what kind of a class are you. For example: I’m more of a close quarters guy so my weapons are either my Assault Rifle, a magnum and a Shotgun.

Assault rifle was my choice for Halo 4, shoot and melee.

The assault rifle was very easy to use in halo 4, and halo 4 not being the sweat fest that some of the other halos were, it wasn’t drastically underpowered compaired to the other weapons. But I only used the assault rifle for when I was bored, usually I will use a BR and a magnum. I don’t use the boltshot because I’m not an -Yoink-hole.

DMR and Covenant Carbine