Best Ways To Get Your Desired REQs ( Newbies )


Hiya players! When you first open the REQ store in-game, the gold packs can always look the most tempting, and most of you have just started purchasing gold packs for the cool legendaries and weapons ( I did this until I got to level 56, then I started this method ). However, this is not the way to get all the REQs.

The method I used to obtain the Ultra rare and legendary REQs almost all the time, is to first go through the Bronze packs. Bronze packs have a chance of giving you common permanent REQs, which aren’t very special but help dramatically when it comes to buying Silver packs, which i’ll come onto later. The permanent REQs you can acquire can come to a significant help when it comes to Warzone, as they include weapons like the Plasma Pistol - which can help you disable and destroy enemy vehicles - and the needler - which is a good weapon to use a the beginning of rounds -. Not to mention, there are some good helmets and armours that can help you personalize your Spartan to your liking. Each bronze pack costs 1250 REQ points
There are currently 137 common REQs, which seems like a lot however judging by how you can get one pack after every game of Big Team Battle means it wont take very long, and you will level up a fair few times, giving you some promotion awards and commendation awards.

Now, After you have obtained all the common REQs, its time to move on the purchasing Silver packs.
Silver packs are much more reliable than bronze packs, as they give a guaranteed chance of giving you two certifications / armours / customisations , of the common, uncommon or rare rarities. If you had completed the Bronze pack step, you would have a 0% chance of getting a common permanent, which ultimately gives you higher chances of uncommons and rares. Each silver pack costs 5000 REQ points, which is a step up from Bronzes, but as you are guaranteed 2 permanent REQs, its definitely worth it. Also, silver packs is where you start to see the good weapons, armours and weapon skins, giving you more reason to purchase them, My personal favourite items from silver packs are the War Master helmet, the Sniper Rifle certification and the DMR loadout weapon. However silver packs are difficult to obtain all the Uncommons and rares, due to the huge amount of Free DLC 343 Industries are dropping on us, adding more REQs to obtain. There are currently 549 Uncommon and Rare REQs ( added together ) but this total will be lowered by a significant amount, due to around half of the 128 rare emblems are acquired from levelling up and completing commendations, meaning they are unobtainable from silver packs. This silver pack grind is very time consuming, and can be very stressful at times, but the outcome is very rewarding and worth the grind. My way of getting the packs quickly is getting my daily win on both game types - you can get certifications from those - and playing BIg Team Battle and Warzone assault, both game types giving you around 1500 points per victory and lasting around 12 minutes.

Now is the fun stage, the Gold Packs.
When you have obtained all common, uncommon and rare REQs, you will now be able to purchase Gold Packs without having to worry about getting any under-valued REQs in your pack. This means you have a 100% chance of getting an Ultra rare or Legendary Permanent unlock, which is soooooo satisfying when you get those double legendary drops. My most recent gold pack - as of the date of this post - gave me the Legendary Raider helmet and the Legendary Daybreak Visor which was definitely screenshot worthy. Gold packs are where you also start to see some high-value REQs dropping, such as the Gold Standard weapon skin set, the ONI vehicles and some very effective and powerful weapon variants , such as the Nornfang sniper rifle which gives you a permanent damage boost as long as you are holding it. Now, with great rewards comes great sacrifice, each gold pack costs 10000 REQ points - double the price of a silver pack - but still guarantees the chance of 2 permanent unlocks. Buying the gold packs are also very fun, because when 343 Industries add in new content, such as the new Gravity Hammer variants that they plan to release with the new ‘Ghosts of Meridianfree DLC, you can start to unlock the weapons as soon as they are released.

This method, is very effective in the long term, giving you a huge amount of options whenever you enter a Warzone game or Customize your spartan, but is only effective when you are committed to playing Halo 5, there isn’t much point starting this process if you aren’t going to finish it. Altogether, it took me 3 and a half months to obtain all the common, uncommon and rare REQs, and i have only just moved on to the Gold packs, at SR 99. If you are committed to playing the game, or you love it a much as I do, you will really enjoy this method because it gives you a long term goal for you to achieve.

I hope this method helps you guys unlock some of those REQs you’ve wanted after seeing them in the REQ screen, and if you have anyone else who has just started Halo 5, make sure to share this method with them to save them the time.

Thanks for reading this long-as post!

Great explanation of the Req unlock system, I’m glad that I’m using this method. It works really well.

Great advice. I was going the gold route till I got to lvl 35ish. Although going that route did help me get some really good certs early on (DMR, sniper,scorpion) I was lacking the basics such as a plasma pistol. I got tired of getting uncommon crap for gold packs. Did some research and found your method. I got a lot of Reqs I needed with bronze alone. Currently at lvl 67 and grinding silvers. Got my banshee,wraith and a few other good certs that I’m happy with. I even got some ultra rare and legendary stuff with my silver packs. Got my Gold BR skin off a silver. I still get tempted from time to time and open a gold pack for the thrill, and am left very disappointed everytime I do now.

Thank you for this! I am only level 26 but my brother and I always buy gold packs, nothing else. This is such a better idea, and it’s more efficient - since we both always get crappy stuff in our gold packs, and finally I know why! :slight_smile:

My question is though, how do you know if you’ve exhausted the stuff in a bronze pack? Does it just not allow you to buy them or…?

…You check after you get tons of permanents in bronze packs.
Check if you have all the perm. weapon variations,
And so forth.
And, here’s a plus-
Getting armor is easy as hell once you’ve exhausted the emblems.

Shoot the enemy in the head. Pick up the power weapon they just dropped. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Really the best way to get your REQs is to throw Halo 5 aside and play a Halo Game where you can just buy your armor or unlock it through ranks or achievements.

> 2533274883651681;7:
> Really the best way to get your REQs is to throw Halo 5 aside and play a Halo Game where you can just buy your armor or unlock it through ranks or achievements.

Ahh. The good old days.

I disagree about bronze packs. They’re trash. Maybe it’s just bad luck on my part but I could buy 8 bronze packs in a row sometimes before I’d get anything.
Silver all the way, then gold :slight_smile:

> 2533274883651681;7:
> Really the best way to get your REQs is to throw Halo 5 aside and play a Halo Game where you can just buy your armor or unlock it through ranks or achievements.

“Now tell me how am I supposed to liiiive without youuuu”

I know I’m a little late on this train but I’ve got a question. How long does the silver pack rush last for? because I’ve at least done a straight day on it(in-game time) and I still am getting PLENTY of certs! Please help!

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks