Best Way To Rank Up?

Its double XP weekend, so my friend and I were wondering what the best way of ranking up is. I’m quite a low level at this game so I need some help.

Warzone Firefight is an effective (and relatively painless) method of racking up some mad XP, especially with boosts. Infection is also a great option, though you’ll have to fight for the top spot.

Firefight,in combination with an boost it goes pretty well.

For this weekend, you’d probably want to play Warzone Assault since it’s double XP and it would offer the most payout using boosts compared to the other featured double XP playlists.

I can say that the best way to rank up is to have fun and use your boosts wisely. I don’t know how the XP payout system works in detail for Halo 5 which is truly disappointing but having fun is the best choice. It’s no point of playing something that is boring only for a bit extra XP.

Warsone assault

Thanks guys, I will probably play some warzone and use my boosters :slight_smile:

This weekend it’s featured games only for double XP. If the games that count have a yellow star by them. Use XP boosts in Warzone Assault (Firefight and regular WZ doesn’t count) and you get about 10,000 xp depending on which level of boost you use. Super Fiesta only gives you about 5500 for about the same amount of time played.

As pretty much said if you want the double XP it has to be a playlist with a yellow star next to it. All other playlist are regular payouts.

War zone assault, its on the featured play list, but not for long.