Best way to give feedback?

Hi, I just installed the flight. What is the best way to give 343 feedback and what would the deadline be?

Use the insider support link to submit tickets for bugs and issues you encounter. You have until the flight ends.

The flight ends august 24 at 10am.

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> Use the insider support link to submit tickets for bugs and issues you encounter. You have until the flight ends.

Umm I’ve been checking that link for a good 30 minutes or more.
All I’ve seen is a ‘flight overview’ that says “Submit a ticket” that redirects to a 6 month old article that talks about how to do it instead of actually letting me do it.

Kind of looks like a site bug or it’s not showing for some of us since there is no sign of a feature to submit bugs. The only other thing I found on the overview was it saying "For some participants, a survey email may be sent to gather your thoughts and feedback throughout the flight, so keep an eye out for an email to share your experience with us. "

So for now all I can suggest is report bugs on the report feature if people can find it or hope they send out surveys so we can submit feedback. I’ve seen some bugs with the flight but for now there isn’t anywhere to actually post these issues.

Anyway the only thread is this thread but that’s more of a suggestion thread, not a bug thread.

Also to be clear I’m aware that there seems to be 2 separate support pages one for the general public, the one that blocks access if not in the flight so people outside the flight won’t be able to see the ‘flight overview’.

Edit: seems the submit ticket is fixed for me.

For bug reporting on Insider builds, please refer to your flighting messages for information on how to post bug reports. <mark>Please do not post bug reports here on the forums</mark> and be sure read the known issues list first before reporting anything :slight_smile:

For general feedback you can use the pinned feedback thread:—feedback-thread/a256a462-aa75-4ccf-a915-81b5353dc123/posts

Ok so I’m playing the fight and I’m getting a lot of halo reach vibes off it, I’m happy with all the new features but one I would like to see add. Halo reach had assassinations, halo 4 had it and some off the halos haded it on MCC I would like to see them make into this game. And some people may not agree but it’s my Opinion, and thank you for making a great game in the making.

I agree with Dark 40k, but make them more like the glory kills in Doom so it doesn’t go to third person and take forever to execute. Make them slightly faster so they still leave the player somewhat vulnerable during the animation, and make it totally worth the risk for some additional XP.

Also, it may be a good idea to set up auto balance bots to teams if that hasn’t already been implemented, and add a server / private game option to auto adjust the bot skill to the overall team dynamic. This worked very well in Unreal Tournament 2K3 and 2K4.