Best way to get Quick Draw medal for Challenge?

Just to get this out of the way, I already know of the Plasma Pistol combo, but that weapon is only on some maps, and not always in the same place depending on factors like playlists, or gametype within that playlist… I just don’t know if there are certain factors at play that make getting the kill with a Sidekick after swapping to it feel very tricky without making my overall gameplay suffer for it.
Maybe I’m missing something here because unless I can find a way to overcome this, this might be one of the few challenges I may consider using a challenge swap

Pulse Carbine.

Weaken them with the AR then swap.

Grenades might work too. Idk if that’ll count as a NadeShot though.

The important part is that you need to crack their shields then kill them quickly with a pistol.

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I tend to get this one just naturally when playing quick play. You really do have to be very quick to finish the opponent off, first or second shoot with the pistol. If you are using pulse carbine as Windjammer suggests, make sure you’re not switching to pistol too early.

If covert ops is in rotation it’s really easy to fire 1-2 pulse carbine shots and finish of with sidekick

I always assure that medal by cooking shields with the AR and swapping to a pistol