Best way to get par score achievements?

Topic pretty much sums it up. I tried finding the answer here. No luck.
What is the best plan of attack to get the par score achievements?


Can anyone help me please?

For which game. It helps to be on legendary where you get the most points. Or heroic with couple souls on. Keep in mind going over par time you will start losing points .

Paring Halo 2 is tough.

For H3 I did it on Normal every skull except for Iron and Famine. Seemed to work pretty well for me, but make sure you don’t die much either. That’ll help.

H4 I would recommend doing on Heroic. The Promethean Knights aren’t too difficult if you noob combo them quickly.

I haven’t tried CEA so I don’t know what would be good there. I would suggest Grunt Funeral to help clear out other enemies like Elites. And H2A has a bigger diversity of skulls to use so try different combinations on levels to see what you get. Big thing would be to not get to frustrated over it. Keep calm and you should be fine.

there are some good youtube videos on how to get them. each game kinda has its own best way to get them. the Halo CE are the toughest to get imo. the game usually has to be set on heroic or legendary with two or three skulls on. some levels on some games you can get with no skulls. also some say its better to get them in co-op.

I did almost every one on heroic or normal. Still have a few to do in 4 though.

Either way the ones i had to do i just focused on multi kills and not dying. Sprees increase the points awarded per kill. That was the key for me.

Par score is easy, par times are the bane of my existence, well at least for the under 3 hours achievement.