Best way to get laser kills?

Anyone know the best mode to get Laser kills? It’s the only gun for unsc ordinance that I’m not close to finishing the commendation for. I’m like 1/5 with maybe 3 kills with it lol.

Play Dominion on Longbow or Exile.

yea dominion is the way to go. still is a bit slow to get it up


You could go btb and stay back from the ‘crowd’ (n00bz to be blunt) and follow the tips from BravoMLG which can be seen here!

The best way to kill people with the laser is to club people to death with it, or throw it at people since 343 made it completely useless now in basically every way possible. I can understand them not wanting it in the game, but it would be better to remove it than to make it mostly useless like they have done.