Best way to get an unfrigginbeleivable...

One of the medals that I have not obtained yet is an unfriggenbelievable. I think I have found an easy way to get one if I could ever get the ctf game to last long enough. I have gotten numerous rampages or better on lightning ctf on simplex by getting up on the roof and killing people. I played one yesterday and went 32-0 before my teammates screwed me over by winning - lol.

Anyways - just a helpful tip for those looking to get one…

I have received many, many Unfriggenbelieveable’s in Grifball, and I’ve been close to some in other game modes such as Big Team and CTF.

Play CTF doubles on dispatch and hope they don’t quit.

Well I received my first Unfrigginbelievable and Killionaire for Halo 4 in Lightning Flag.

The problem I have with earning an Unfrigginbelievable in other game modes, is that they don’t nearly last long enough for me to rack up enough kills. The most kills I usually will get consecutively without dying are just shy of 30, at least for slayer game types. Most of the players I’m up against usually are average or better, so it makes it harder to rack up a high streak without them catching on and finally ending my spree. What makes it even harder is that ODs can give anyone on the map a sniper so you have to play extremely stealthy if you want to get your spree above an untouchable.

IMHO, CTF whether it be regular or in action sack, is probably your best bet if no one is capturing because then you can just kill until you run the timer out.

BTW OP, Congrats on getting weapon mastery!