Best Update yet...

This is easily the best update yet, 343i have really listened to us, fixed some major gripes and made the game more fun and rewarding. I had a good look at the patch notes and found a few very good reasons why it’s the best.

Matchmaking Search Preference. A simple, elegant to a solution that has directly impacted on how fun the game is!

Revamped post game carnage report. Yes, this probably could have been at launch, but we do now have it. Rejoice!

Increased value of Gold and Silver packs. This is a big one that might have been lost in the fanfare of Infection! I opened a Silver pack today and got TWO certifications (Sword Banshee and Razors Edge). This is adding value to the game hugely and a responce to anyone that has criticised 343 for using the REQ system to bleed money from it’s loyal community.

Weapon buffs - Suddenly the Caster and Hydra are deadly. Great news! We requested a buff, we got one!

And a tiny, tiny buff that was called for. Raised biped collision damage, it’s easier to run Spartans over.

All in all, 10/10 for this update. Well done 343!

+Forge textures and Infection

Indeed. They are huge too. I’ve never been a big fan of Forge or Infection so the improvements to the core game are much more important for me,

I would definitely agree. This was a massive overhaul to the base game. And, and the new Phaeton actually feels good

The complaints I have seen are increasingly smaller niggles. The above fixes have fixed all the major problems with the game except one. Let’s get them to work on the pre-game screen so it’s like previous games!

Wow, just wow. So since the update I’ve been playing at mainly off peak times on the wider search option. Knowing that I was more likely to get a game now I put it on focus and had the best game of slayer I’ve had for months. I think I went 17/6. Also, Hydra’s are deadly now. Picked up loads of kills with it. Maybe it was a coincidence but it felt like a much better game.