Best to Worst Updates So Far...

From best to worst updates, here is my opinion:

Hammer Storm:
Hammer Storm brought in much needed new game modes, including Grifball, Assualt, Fiesta, and Oddball. Not only that it included the Halo: CE Pistol and some not worthy armor. It included the Gravity Hammer and to solid Storm Rifle variants. Sadly, the new map was the only weak spot.

Cartographer’s Gift:
Forge made a triumphant return with this update. Battle of Noctus, Overgrowth, and BTB where all great additions to the update. Not to mention my favorite weapon skins, Gold Standard, was also included. The only downfall to this update was the not so great armors or emblems (never cared about new emblems anyway.)

Ghost of Meridian:
New maps are always welcome especially a new Warzone Map. I have to say both new maps are good. The new Hannibal Vehicles are fun to use. Finally, the Gravity Hammers are very strong and useful as well as the new Suppressors. Loads of new Forge additions and Sandbox balancing conclude this update as an icing on the top.

Infinity’s Armory:
Halo 2 BR, the new map Riptide, and the Carbine variants are the only real highlights in this update. This update lacks in useful content and pales in comparison to the updates above.

Battle of Shadow & Light:
Essentially the items that barely didn’t make the hard copy of the game. Only really contains new UNSC vehicle skins that act as simple replacements to the Urban variant of the vehicles. Hardly an update at all.

So what is the best update? And what is the worst?

Cartographers gift by far!

I agree with this ranking

I would put cartographers gift as number 1 and then everything else the same

I would switch the Hammer and Cartographer update so that Hammer is #2 and Cartographer is #1.

I think forge has been the best update thus far, even though it should’ve been available at launch…

I agree with your rankings, but with a few minor differences in opinion on what content was good.

As I haven’t yet gotten to play Halo today, and probably may not until the weekend, here’s how I rank it:

  • Hammer Storm

  • Cartographer’s Gift

  • Infinity’s Armory

  • Battle of Shadow and Light

The ONLY good thing about Shadow and Light was the Dying Star Light Rifle.
BTB, while good, was not as good as it was at launch as it is now.

Hammer Storm and Cartographers Gift is a tie for me

I’m hoping for Memories of Reach to Concur them all!

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> I’m hoping for Memories of reach to Concur them all!

I sure hope so!!
After the last drop, I am finding a lot more lag and being booted from games.