Best Tactical Armor Mod

I have been using fast track for a while now and decided today that I wanted to take a little longer to enjoy ranking up. But immediately after removing fast track I have no idea what armor mod I should use to replace it. Suggestions?

I’ve been using Shielding but I would also like to know what I should use because I would prefer it if Shielding reduced the rediculously long time for shields to start recharging.

I’ve been using Grenadier coupled with frags. Firepower is good as well.

See shielding has been appealing the most to me, and then maybe mobility but I never need to sprint that far before I see someone. Operator is not too bad but kinda useless for me since I rarely use vehicles, and the requisition is somewhat useless because I’m an objective player.

Shielding and resupply

Resupply by far. Not even a competition for me… Always helpful to pick up grenades off dead bodies

Grenadier- pulse grenades are great in objective, with two you can block entire paths or deny the enemy an area. Three frags or plasmas can also prove to be a force on the battlefield.

Shielding- terrific overall use package, gets you ready for the next fight faster.

Mobility- for the AR user, slightly OP and great for keeping on the frontlines and flanking.

I use mobility on most of my classes.

I used to run with shielding, but the shield recharge rate wasn’t that big of an improvement.

Well if the shielding recharge rate isn’t that much of an improvement I might have to go resupply or grenadier. Mobility i think is out because… well I hate to admit it but I’m a bit of a camper. I’m one of those good campers though, not one of those knuckleheads that gun or vehicle camp.

Mobility+Ammo is essential as far as I’m concerned in Dominion. Mobility+Dexterity is great for CTF, and Grenadier with pulse grenades and Stability on the lightrifle are great combos in FFA or slayer. AA Efficiency+Stealth with active camo can be great for sneaking into a base in Dominion or stealing a flag in CTF. I find myself using Mobility on most of my classes though, it dramatically increases your ability to navigate maps. Ordinance Priority with Requisition is an awesome combo for Infinity Slayer too. Using Firepower to give yourself a storm rifle or suppressor secondary for your DMR primary is a useful combo too, although I rarely find it worthwhile since you can choose a pocket shotgun without giving up a perk. Resupply and explosives with frag grenades can be a deadly combo too.

I just finished a game where i modified the hell out of my kits during the game and i have to that Shielding+Stealth and Resupply+Explosives is great fun for CTF. Cheers for the advice and suggestions mates!

I’m amazed no ones mentioned AA Efficiency. Coupled with Promethian Vision, Active Camo, Jet Pack and Regen Field it’s in my opinion the best mod in the game. I have it on 3/5 of my classes. The other classes have requisition (for commendations) and the Driving perk for BTB.

The thing with Shielding is, yeah it helps you but Regen Field and Promethian Vision are great tools for a co ordinated team. There really needs to be a medal for recharging team mates shields…

AA and predator vision eh? Be right back.
EDIT: True that was good fun, but I am really leaning toward my previous post.