Best standard Warzone Map

what city map?

Got poll questions?

I voted “They all suck”, because they are all rather poor maps…however…Warzone’s spawning system takes these mediocre maps and turns them into utter trash.

Of a pretty hefty laundry list, here’s two things of which 343 has truly proven themselves incapable:

  1. Making quality maps
  2. Having spawns complement the maps

Just those two things make it incredibly hard for any FPS to be good/fun. Haven is the only map I’ve seen from 343 that I’d consider “good”. It’s likely that it’s not 343 being unable to make good maps/lay out spawns, but just that their “fast is new! hurry, hurry, we must evolve!” gameplay makes both impossible for them. Either way, the result’s the exact same…poor maps…poor games.

I wish ai attacked bases, that I spawned in the location, that everything wasn’t smooth metal from the rig and that we had variety