Best Spawn this month

So guys i had the best spawn this month
Spawned inside the vehicle bay in stormbreak fortress. When i didint spawn one

It’s happened to most of us at one point or another. I’ve also spawned inside walls and rocks. My favorite spawn this month was on stormbreak though. The opposing team was trying to take one of the armories so I selected to spawn on it to respond. Instead I spawned on a teammate who was soloing against the hunters and was instantly killed by one of the fuel rods.

I’ve had a Banshee on Stormbreak was killed and instead of spawning back at the fortress respawned in the air again … Without a banshee !!!
Not the best place to spawn but looked back it was funny ?

I was spawned in front of a moving enemy Warthog… you can imagine how that ended… I’ve also spawned out of the map too lol

I’ve had a few bad ones but in my most recent game of warzone i spawned invis at an armory and it tried to get me to slide off the edge immediately but luckily i clambered fast enough to get away alive.

This happened to me on Noctus. I also spawned half way down a cliff on Stormbreak, falling to my death.

You mean like this?

And eventually this?

Claps slowly Only 343i, only 343i :l Next Gen guys