Best Spartan Ops Loadout

Hey guys, ive been doing really really well with spartan ops for a while i dont die that much, and i get some good xp. but when i play the 4th mission in the 2nd episode i belive its called pelican down, i just can seem to get through it. does anyone have a really good loadout that might help? if so pleaseeeeee leave a comment, I NEED YOU, WAKE UP.

I’ve solod every mission on Legendary, I use

Battle Rifle
Plasma Grenade
Active Camo

Never had to change my loadout so far.

Edit Feel free to sub BR for a different rifle, it is just my peronsal preference, truth be told LR probably would be better all factors considered.

I usually do DMR and PR with plasma nades, sentry, that perk that helps with shield recharge rate, ammo.

i suggest u use

battle rifle- for taking grunts, crawlers and jackals and easily watchers down

plasma pistol- easy to take down vehicles

plasma grenade- stick em with it

active camo- to hide and recharge shields quickly and peacefully

fast track or sheilding- fast track for pioneers or sheilding for under sr 60 people.

ammo- useful to kill loads of enemy’s

helpful hope so

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