Best Sensitivity for MP?

What do you guys think is the best sensitivity for gameplay? Since there’s no auto aim at all.

It’s really personal preference. I used to use max sensitivity in every game I played, but I’ve transitioned into the 3-5 range, for Halo at least.


I’ve always played around 7

I really like 3 for MCC, I may try to bump it up to 4 for Halo 5 considering how fast the gameplay is. For any other FPS like Battlefield I would use 7 or 8, but Halo requires way more precision thanks to the longer TTK, thus I use a lower sensitivity to make sure I hit each shot where I want it.

Low sensitivity. Possibly a 2. I find it gives much more accuracy at long/medium range at the expense of quick reaction times in close quarters.

There’s no aim assist? I guess that is a positive and negative, positive since it means no cheap easy tracking with the reticle but a negative because it means the bullet magnetism is probably gonna be amped up a lot, and I’m not great with a controller XD I guess this means I’m still gonna be rocking a 2 sensitivity, 3 maybe if I ever get used to the really twitchy thumbsticks of an Xbox One controller.

ive been gradually upping mine from 5 to 10 for H5, im currently on 7, going to 8 tommorow. this way if i start at 10 i can always slow it down easily, but increasing it by more than 1 always seems to throw me too much

I usually play on 3 or 4.

Its a personal preference. Quick but not twitch.

Hmm i dont actually think ive ever changed the sensitivity in a halo game which is weird cause in other shooters i tend to bump it up one or two levels.

3,4 or 5.

Anything below 3 is too slow for usual situations at close/medium range. These situations are unavoidable unless you crouch around and camp, and that usually means you’re not helping out your team as much as you can. So to play good, keep it at 3 or above.

Anything above 5 is unnecessarily fast even for the most close combat situations. If you feel that 5 is too slow, then you need to change how you play, not increase your sensitivity.

You’ll have to try it out for yourself ultimately, but i’d say go for 3 or 4, like all professional players do.

Totally depends on the playlist for me. Normal slayer? Probably 4 or so. Snipers? I drop it to 2 or 3. Grifball? Turn it up to 10.

Between 3 and 4, maybe I went up to 5 in the past.

> Totally depends on the playlist for me. Normal slayer? Probably 4 or so. Snipers? I drop it to 2 or 3. Grifball? Turn it up to 10

I never managed (never really tried neither) to change it that much, I need a constant sensitivity in each mode I think.

4 or 5. Unless you prefer fast. Then 8/10

I tend to stick with either 4 or 5. Anything below that is way to slow to react to enemy fore from different angles, anything above make me just overshoot targets with my reticle. I don’t know how people manage to do good with 10!

It all comes down to personal preference in the end.

The best sensitivity is the one you are most comfortable with.
Though generally Pro’s play between 3-5 and 7-10 is typically used by Grifball legends and Flood/infection warriors.

The simple and obvious answer is the highest sensitivity with which you can reliably aim. Just experiment until you find one that works for you.

Depends on what you do. If you always go around and ninja people in the back, probably 7-10. But probably lower if you’re not the greatest at aiming I personally used to use 3-5, and then I transitioned to 8. It takes some getting used too

It’s all personal preference. I prefer to use a sensitivity that’s not to slow or to fast.