Best Req In the Game?

What do you guys think the best req is in Halo 5? For me I feel like it is the Void’s Tear (ironic) but give me your opinions!

the one that gets me kills. but if youre looking for the most powerful probably

Blaze of Glory

Looking for fun Reqs?

Ad Victoriam
Prophet Bane
Tarteris Gavel

The Answer is probably the best power weapon in the game for me. I once cleared out and captured the temple on Attack on Sanctum completely by myself with it. I’ve earned many running riots and rampages with it. It is just a ridiculous gun.

The best REQ at least in vehicles, I think:

Phaeton Helios
Hannibal Wasp
Hannibal Mantis/ Scorpion
Ultra Banshee


I’d say the Whiplash, although that may be biased on my part. For a Level 4, it’s one of the best cost-effective REQs for tackling personnel and vehicles at once. Plus, the proximity airburst properties make it that much deadlier.

I would have to go with the Delta. Aiming isn’t even required.

When working with a teammate, probably the ONI Warthog. It did a bit of a nerf but its still wicked.

The Answer

Phaeton Helios
Hannibal Wasp
Ultra Banshee

I actually find heartseeker to be pretty useful. Especially for running into bases by yourself. Maybe bring an oversized though lol

Razor’s Edge is my best req weapon, and the Ultra banshee is my best req vehicle.

Plasma Turret. Hands down.

Pro Pipe is fun for me but for me, I think the Arclight is the best. Handy for taking down vehicles and people on foot

I think the NornFang. It is a good primary, and you can use at close to long-range battles. It will also always get you a one hit kill.

Prophet’s Bane. Just Prophet’s Bane. Active Camo Sword kills FTW!

Taking into account their level and cost, here are the best REQs:

  • Whiplash (destroys all other REQs level 4 and below) - Ultra Banshee - Endgame - Answer


SPNKr Prime (those rockets may as well be hitscan)
Jorge’s chain gun (lets say your shield strength is 300 points, with this turret the damage reduction you get takes your shield strength to 800. Pair this with overshields you can tank tank shots).


Banshee Ultra (needs a major nerf to be more in line in power to the Temple Banshee)
I personally don’t like using Banshee Ultras and only use it out of bare necessity’s such as when I’m losing. The Rampages to Unfriggenbelievables I’ve gotten with this vehicle feel cheap and undeserved, but because of how ridiculously unbalanced this req is, its the best vehicle requisition when it shouldn’t be.

Phaeton Helios should be the best.


I like the Arrow of Time as well as the Nornfang since they are both very good snipers in their own ways.

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> Plasma Turret. Hands down.

The ONI one?

For what it’s worth, Luke the Notable did a video that mathematically attempted to identify the most req efficient weapon.

Link to video >