Best Playlist to get Experience?

As title says, what’s the best Playlists in Matchmaking to really crunch out the exp in your opinion?

Play the one that’s the most fun to you, there’s not much in it.

Why spend hours and hours not playing one of your favourite playlists just to get exp. Just spend slightly longer playing your favourite playlists. End result, yeah it took you a little while longer to get the exp, but you had much more fun getting there.

Capture the Flag & Oddball.

Plenty of opportunity for objective bonuses and multikills/sprees.

The one that me and a couple friends have been playing together is oddball but it is only good exp if you can lock out the other team which can be quite easy if you are coordinated and the game can be over in 2:30 for 2.5k exp or so.

Regicide MuthaF***er

If you have dew XP and are decent in the flood playlist then I would suggest doing flood. With dew XP it cranked out 6 to 7k a game so roughly 3.5k without the XP bonus