Best Playlist for Pitfall?

Hi I’m looking to find Pitfall for my last achievement in Halo 4 (Grabbing the rocket launcher at the start); which playlist should I search in? I have searched for hours, backing out of countless lobbies and sometimes games and haven’t found it at all yet (except for in Action Sack). Any help would be appreciated.

Search in Rumble Pit. The best way is to party up with a few players that have more than one controller. All participants sign in their respective guests and search for a match. I did this a few nights back with 2 other players and Pitfall immediately appeared.

If you need another 2 players I will be glad to help.

If you could help that would be great
GT is Rory 1201

Team Slayer

Well . . . just spent 2 hours searching in Rumble Pit. Found Vertigo once, as well as some Majestic maps, but no Pitfall. I’ll be trying again probably tomorrow.

Team Doubles. The map definitely calls for callouts and teamwork, but has too many players with more than 2v2.

A little off topic, but I’m excited to actually get to play Pitfall in MCC.