Best OST in Halo?

Halo has some of the best OST (Original Soundtracks) in all of Gaming history. Which game holds closest to your hearts? Mine personally is Halo 3: ODST because the game has such a great atmosphere.

Halo 2’s variety is what I liked.

After playing Halo 3: ODST I just remembered why I love that game so much. A big part of the game for me is the music. It is just so amazing! Definitely my favourite Halo OST.

original Halo 2 ST

I think halo 2 with martin o donnel was amazing with never surrender and all that monk choir and guitar mixed in, odst I liked walking around streets listening to amazingness, but who hasn’t loaded CE anniversary and just listened to the opening theme… Like 8884… 8884… 8884… 888888… From this wonderful tracking of mine it seems to be in 3/3 time but I doubt

hopefully you understand that musical stuff as I am very musical myself, also off topic abit, I got the Zelda 25th anniversary soundtracks a few years ago, you know that sweet spot time where it was the old being outdated with epic ost and before the new reboots… Still loving Kakario Village or whatever that twilight princess theme was called.

ANYWAY… My vote goes to h2. Never surrender was too good