Best MP Armor Color Combinations?

Anyone have any good color combos that look great in Halo 5? Leave your armor combos down below too if that helps. Pictures would be great as well!

whatever you like there isn’t a best, theres contenders for worst, but no best.
This is subjective but if you’re looking for ideas of what you want to look like, just look at other people’s spartans

None. because all of the brown colors are terrible. :frowning:

I use black as primary because it is hard to see in FFA and Infection.

> I use black as primary because it is hard to see in FFA and Infection.

Shhhh. I don’t want 343 to remove or nerf pepper due to visibility issues. It’s the closest thing we have to a black Undersuit. << >>

CQB armor and helmet…

I think mine is like pepper and gold or something, I was gonna just use it for Halloween but I will probably keep it.

Except for Christmas.

The ‘1337’ colour scheme with vermillion or crimson

I thought you meant Military Police armor Color Config. Thought you might’ve been making a machinima… Disappointment.

Wear black. JET BLACK.

I find that some of the darker greys and blues go well together. Thats what I’ve found I like at least.

“You can have it in any color, as long as it’s black.”

You don’t need to take input to decide on a color scheme for yourself; go on - express yourself! Nobody is going to judge you, eh?

But if I had a choice, I really like to rock the following:

  • Desert and Pepper - Pepper and Carnelian

I like to rock a White-Purple or Purple-Light Blue colour schemes. It really depend on the armor I am wearing.

Copperhead, red and white

Usually primary black and secondary red look pretty awesome.

I like using red and blue on Athlon variants. It looks interesting and matches the HCS weapon skins. I change it a lot though. Right now I’m doing blue with grey on Mk IV armor (Like good ol’ Caboose). I’m actually gonna change it right now to blue on blue.

A grey with a blue or red highlight looks nice

Black and red creates good contrast imo.

Pink and white obviously.

Dark red and Black. Or go a olive green and a brown, camo style.