Best Monitor For Halo?

I am by no means a terrible/bad halo player. However I am looking to step up my game so that I can win more games.
I take halo quite seriously since Halo Reach, (Wasn’t too good at that tbh :confused: )
And ive been in conversations with really good people and they all say they use a wired controller and a monitor.
I was looking for monitors and there is that many I really have no idea which one I should get. So I was wondering if you Guys/Girls could tell me what the Best Monitor for Halo is?


i use my vizio tv for my xbox but use a benq for my gaming pc

A 24 inch tv/monitor is best, its small so you can sit closer to it. 1080p for sure, everything just looks a little more crisp. Don’t worry about refresh rate since xbox one only outputs at 60hz. Asus and Acer have really good monitors for under $200.

Snickerdoodle is the best monitor for Halo. :wink:

343 Guilty Spark child’s snickering giggle

Anything you get used to really. Chopping and changing doesn’t help. Obviously nothing so big you have to turn your head to see the motion sensor!