Best Memory in Halo CE Multiplayer

The days of playing Halo CE with gametypes like shotguns only on battlecreek were swell for me.

What are your best memories with this game?

playing 4 player slayer on blood gulch at my cousins when i was young had ps2 and wasnt allowed to play m games. then on PC playing modded maps and big team CTF on huge maps

Playing Combat Evolved LAN with my friends is by far my fondest Halo memory.

hosting LAN parties at the parents house…playing the snow map with snipers!

brings back longgggg memories haha

I remember my first kill in CE. I didnt understand how I had a gun with 60 round magazines and people were killing me with their little pistols. Boy, I didn’t understand Halo back then…

LAN parties with my friends was always fun, but my fondest memories were playing with my grandma in 1v1 games (she always won lol) and those times when we explored the multiplayer maps and tried to link them all together and with the story!

GameSpy, XB Connect, and X-Link Kai… nostalgia at it’s finest <3

Crazy, fun LAN’s.

Made For Noobs Only…

Anyone heard of it?