There are countless things that should be added to matchmaking. Here are some of the most obvious.

  1. Daily and weekly challenges to earn more req points. Also give the winning team a large req bonus.
  2. Allow players to vote on the map and game mode that they want to play for each playlist. Like reach.
  3. Add infection.
  4. Make arena RP boosts give a larger amount of reqs.
  5. Add all weapon varients to forge/custom games.

I can agree with the majority of the additions but I can’t get behind map voting. If the map rotation was set up properly the aggravation of playing the same map repeatedly would not exist. The same applies to game modes as well. If game modes had respective playlists, which they usually do, there’s never a need to vote.

I would add also matchmaking filters or smarter algorithms to privilege best connections first.
Now that 343 has removed region lock i’m able to play anytime like I’m supposed to do but it seems that for lot of players, playing with people overseas is causing massive lag.