Best map to return for a future DLC

I am sure many player want to see old maps remastered for Arena or even WarZone in Halo 5, i pretty much sure many are gona vote to see maps like Blood Gulch, Zanzibar (Last Resort in Halo 3 and Stonetown in TMCC), etc… I really want to see maps like Guardian, High Ground, or even Sword Base, I really like to see multiple opinions

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I would love to see High Ground and Turf remade. An old school remake of Bloodgulch would be awesome too

  • Hang Em High - Blood Gulch - High Ground - Guardian - Turf - Sidewinder - Danger Canyon - Ice Fields

Sandtrap from Halo 3 or Containment from Halo 2 would be great. Big Team Battle needs some real maps.

Great thread OP. I’m a big fan of map remakes and the top 10 maps I’d LOVE for 343 to give us in Halo 5 are:

  • Ivory Tower (H2) / Reflection (Reach) - Guardian (H3) - Narrows (H3) - Hang Em High (H1) / Tombstone(H2) / High Noon (HA) - Battle Creek (H1) / Beaver Creek (H2) / Battle Canyon (HA)
  • Countdown (Reach) - Sword Base (Reach) - Powerhouse (Reach) - Abandon (H4)
  • Solace (H4)

Pinnacle from Reach. I love that map to this very day.

All of them. Probably just recreate it in forge. Now there’s no lighting effect that caused lag.

I would enjoy

  • Rat Race - Reflection - Turf - ComplexIt would also be cool to have a BTB Skyline.

Terminal, waterworks, containment, sandtrap, turf, sidewinder and powerhouse

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> Pinnacle from Reach. I love that map to this very day.

Why not remake ascension. Far better map

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> Sandtrap from Halo 3 or Containment from Halo 2 would be great. Big Team Battle needs some real maps.

I actually think Sandtrap could make a nice Warzone map as well.

Of course Blood Gulch, I’d love to see its 4th remake pshhh duhh.

That map where it wasn’t in any other game and came from someone’s own original design and wasn’t made in forge…do we still do that?

If they remake blood gulch I’m going to fly to Seattle and cut someone.

OT - Maybe haven as that would probably work decent with SA’s.

The correct answers are countdown from reach, hang em high from Halo 1, guardian from 3, lockout from 2 and haven from 4. In that order!


Blood gulch is a given
I want an actual remake of Sidewinder. They could redue the bases and the interior path.
I think Sandtrap and Waterworks would be great with the new gameplay

I think Turf, Swordbase, and Powerhouse could be good with some minor changes based on the new movement ability.

A lot of the older symmetrical maps could work really well if they expand them some. I don’t know if maps like lockout would work unless they really changed the flow of the map. A lot of the older maps worked because they fit the gameplay. They would need major changes now.

These are the maps that I think will suit the game most.
The Pit

I really want a remade Zanzibar. The amount of verticality they can add will be insane.

Sandtrap… all day long, its been needing to come back for wayyy too long now, it needs to happen in halo 5, and not a forge remake, a proper re make!! And as ive said since day one, even possibly a Warzone varient where the map is bigger, at the heart still has the classic map but is extended outwards and made for warzone, i think that would be perfect, complete with the land mines where if you didnt have a fast moving vehicle… you died…! Loved hog chases along there!!