Best looking marine armor or army trooper in the games. Not the warzone firefight ones tho. The ones on that planet in count

I said no warzone firefight ones because those are just marines from 4 but are colored red and blue for each corresponding team. For me it’s the halo2A ones. First of all, they look cool which the halo2A art style just looks nice to my eyes and to me. Second, they still look like they just came back from CE instead of looking like they came from reach bc there all dead but Jun Kelly Fred Doctor Halsy few other Spartans and six but he died from blood loss a few hours later or just died there. Just going on a side tangent but it’s cool how in the first mission carter saves six from an elite with an energy tiny sword or just energy knife or hidden blade from AC. Then in the final mission he dies from that because no one was there to help he was a lone wolf. Back to the topic at hand, such fancy words tho. They just look good next to 2A chief. Then the army trooper from reach they look like an army not marines that was also because Bunige wanted us to feel less powerful and more like the reach tone this is a planet not a hula hoop super weapon or the ark that also makes the hula hoops, or ones from Earth. This is not a super powerful people that can help they are just a part of the army on reach the only hope they have is your team and odst’s but mostly you. The CE ones might be a second and put Reach behind them or reach in front of CE idk which is better the Reach or CE ones. The CE ones look cool you can tell they are from a game in 2001. They also look like how Bunige wanted them to like the colonial marines from Alien. They look like there from 2552 and a great start for halo. Halo 2 marines to look more like marines that would exist if the US was in 2552 while the CE ones look how people would think. They look good and more like there on Earth. Then halo 3 you can tell they are in a new verson the Xbox 360 they look like halo 1 and 2 combined. Look nice and everything I have said about the others are the same with this one. But the wars ones are fire one of the best ones. They look like halo marines but more rts and better same with wars 2 also the ones from 5 on that planet that they go to get blue team on. Lastly halo 4 they look really bad but laskeys armor that looks nice but the other ones they just look more modern they should have kept the reach ones for 4. So my ranking is Halo2A Halo 1 halo reach and halo1A which are just the reach ones Halo wars Halo 3 Halo 2 and Halo 5 then Halo 4 and Halo warzone firefight from 5. So what is your ranking.

Honestly my favorite was the halo 3 marines, then the reach army troopers, then halo 2, then halo CE, Halo wars 2, then halo 4 then halo 5. warzone marines I never liked much, they didn’t look like military to me more like civilians with rifles.

Halo Infinite Marines are pretty dope. Hope we see the Marine sniper in Infinite!

Oh, forgot about the infinite ones too which I have a figure of from the world of infinite toy line but also wanted to add the core ones so will do them soon

Halo Wars 2 of course.

Halo Wars Marines are the coolest.