Best looking Armor combo

I’m trying to refine my dude’s look- I have Locus Helmet and Raptor armor and I’m pretty happy with it. What types of combos have you thought of as perfect? So many options!!

Pic Here:

rogue shoulders

> rogue shoulders

Yes also love both recon and pathfinder chest
Also dead eye helm is fav

Locus is definitely my favorite helmet, by far. But well I won’t be able to get it because I live in Europe and there’s no 7/11 around here. Anyways I’d like to know how the Pathfinder chest looks from behind, 'cause some backpieces like Rogue look absolutely amazing IMO. :smiley:

Currently I’m searching for some good chestplate, but for the rest my armor is fine.

what i’m wearing is my perfect combination!
helmet: fotus
torso: oceanic circuit
right shoulder: rogue
left shoulder: oceanic circuit
forearm: mark vi
legs: fotus

I’ve gone:

Locus helmet
Rogue shoulders
MK VI arms and legs
Wetwork chest

Selflesshero08 looks like a Dinosaur haha. I do like it though

LOL! Looks like we have a Locus helmet thread here. On my main account i have:
Locus helmet
Rogue shoulders
Stalker CRUSH chest
FOTUS arms and legs

My armor combination:

Fotus helmet
Wetwork SHRD torso
Tracker ADRT left shoulder
Tracker ADRT right shoulder
Twin-plated forearms
RG-63 Counter FRST legs

I also have Locus and Deadeye, so I occasionally switch to them.

I don’t have as much money so… Hazop all the way :smiley:

What about your visor Arising?

What visor do you have?


I like what I have but instead of the Helmet I have on atm, either Deadeye or Engineer would look great.

Toaster helmet or bust.

Scanner helmet for me and whatever else that makes my Spartan look as blocky as possible. :slight_smile:

I have:

Helmet- Recruit PRIME
Chest- Venator RAPTOR
Shoulders- Pathfinder
Legs- Narrow Plated RAPTOR
Arms- Narrow Plated RAPTOR
Visor- Legendary

I made a cocktail mix of my DLC/reward armor. It goes:

Fotus Helmet
Gungnir Pulse Torse
Hazop Forest Shoulders (Left + Right) (Thinking of trading one for Raider)
Mark VI Forearms
Recruit Prime Legs
Legendary Visor

Well, what do you think?


I am rocking the following:

Helmet - Locus
Chest - Soldier
L Shoulder - Soldier
R Shoulder - Soldier
Forearms - Mark VI
Legs - Mark VI
Base Color - Steel
Secondary Color - White

I like the low profile of the back boosters on the soldier chest. Also like the mixture of curves and sharp angles I have overall.

mix and matching doesn’t look good. just pick your favorite set and stick with it.