Best Lines from the New Announcers

By far my favorite has to be from Yabda on Battle of Noctus: “Prometheans are shopping at the West Mall!”

What are some other classic lines from the new announcers that you’ve heard?

I smile when Witness tells me, “You are a living sentinel.”

My favorite is Buck’s assassination VO “Oh-ho that was beautiful!” Ah, so satisfying.

When you get a perfection (getting at least 15 kills and 0 deaths in Slayer), Buck says “If you were any better, you’d be me”

Also, when you get an Unfrig he says something along the lines of “CAN I BE YOU?!?!” Or something like that


I think one of my favorites is Buck when you fail a Warzone Assault game in the final round when playing as the attackers. He says some of the most scathing things when you lose WZA matches, but this was by far the best.

Going off memory so possibly not 100% accurate, but he says something along the lines of: “You know, I thought you’d be able to make it at the last second, like a spartan?”
Failing round 1 he’d say “If this wasn’t a sim, I’d be a touch… Disappointed… With that performance.”
The lines themselves really aren’t too humorous, though the first one can be depending on how far you want to look into it, but it’s the way he SAYS THEM that makes them golden to me.

The grunt’s lines can be annoying or funny, your mileage may vary, but I like how he says the “Level X Reqs available” lines with a bit of uncertainty, like he’s not sure if he’s saying it right. When you lose a WZ game sometimes he starts cheering but then clarifies he’s congratulating the enemy team while adding "But if it makes you feel any better, I never thought you’d win anyway."
Edit: OP mentioned one of Yabba’s lines when announcing AI attacking, which reminded me of one of the Apex 7 lines where he says “Covenant are partying at the beach! …Aww, you’re not going to stop them are you?”

I also like how excited he gets when Kill Grunts rounds pop up in Firefight, and I’m still longing to hear him announce the Gruntpocolypse round. I’ve heard Palmer announce it exactly twice, and only on Sanctum. It must be pretty rare, and it’s honestly a touch underwhelming compared to the Bonus Rounds from ODST and the Gruntpocolypse in Reach. Then again, it’s Round 1 so that’s a given.
It’s fun hearing Buck announce the multikills and assassinations too.

I’d say pretty much all of Buck’s multikill lines are amazing. On a side note, when you get a triple in Titanfall 2 with the Angel City Elite announcer, he says “Whoa, was that a triple kill or am I drunk?” Which I absolutely love. Some sort of alcoholic announcer like this guy would be great in Halo.

I don’t know why, but it always cracks me up when Yabda says “10 murders til victory.” It’s just the way he says it, like murder isn’t a big deal or anything. lol

I don’t have the pack myself, though from what I’ve heard, some of the lines are downright hilarious.

I simply can’t choose.

“Oooooooh hunters are hunting ya”

Yabda: “Enemies just took the fortress - and you are not welcome there.”

I love pretty much every one of Buck’s lines. Fillion just does an awesome job. When you’re defending on WZ Assault on Array, he says something along the lines of, “Now, the other team thinks they can take the Spire from you. Personally I disagree, but I’ll let you sort it out amongst yourselves.” I just love the way he delivers the line.

When Buck says “Takin em with ya!” for a from the grave

Top Gun medal with Xubie: Warrior Servant

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> I smile when Witness tells me, “You are a living sentinel.”

But… You’re a Monitor :smiley:

I wouldn’t know, as I’m not willing to feed the beast that is killing Halo/

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> and I’m still longing to hear him announce the Gruntpocolypse round.

I haven’t seen a round of Gruntpocalypse in months. Still waiting to hear what he says.

Lmao, Yabda is awesome. I literally can’t play one game without smiling or laughing when he says something. My personal faves is when you loses and he says something like “If it makes ya feel any better, I never thought you’d win” or “Defend the Spire from those stupid, terrible idiots!” Dude makes my day :smiley:

I love Bucks hail Mary line, “golden arm! What a throw!” It’s also great the way he says it lol love it

> 2533274818737568;15:
> I wouldn’t know, as I’m not willing to feed the beast that is killing Halo/

Thanks for the useful, insightful input.

Why the hell do Halo haters feel the need to infest even the most positive of threads with their unwanted whining? Sickens me that even a thread as light hearted as this isn’t safe.

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Buck when you get a Distraction - “You’re the centre of attention”