Best Line of Halo 4? *SPOILERS*

The most badass line that Master Chief said in the game was when he said “No, sir.” to Del Rio. I was absolutely astonished that the Chief would disobey a higher ranking officer. But if it was for Cortana, no surprise there. Also the the quotes that gave me the “feels” were all of the exchanges between John and Cortana near the end.

P.S. I think Cortana will inevitably come back in some way, shape or form.

My favorite was in the end of the 7th mission when he says, “Cortana, It’s not over, not yet.” So badass!

Didact-This tomb, is now yours…

“Didact… Didact… Didact…”

  • First Terminal.

Man, I have no idea why, but that one repeating line really weirded me out. It was very eerie, how Jul 'Mdama and the Covenant just… sat there for 3 years playing that over and over again. The fact that the Hesdurian Sangheili were so fanatical was just way too real and creepy. lol.

The Didact’s epilogue speech.
The Didact has the best lines ever.


If you didn’t tear up at this, there is something wrong with you.

Mission 8 when the cheif say’s “plan B” just so awsome.

My favorite was probably the line after Lasky walks away, "She said that to me once, about being a machine.:

“I’ve waited a long time to do that”… epic.

“She said that to me once…about being a machine” -brings out chief’s eomtional side

“Time was your ally human, but now it has abandoned you…the forunners have returned”
Or pretty much any time the didact speaks.

Didact’s speech in the terminal Knights, nuff said.

Come on. It has to be

“No, Sir”

> Come on. It has to be
> “No, Sir”

Is my favorite.
Him disobeying an order means he is no longer behaving like a machine.

“Next time you come to save us. Can you give us time to pack”

“Next Time”

“What?”- Master Chief, final cutscene from the Midnight mission

I love the line from the Spartan Ops mission where one of the “eggheads” says, “We’re like monkeys banging on a nuclear bomb because we like the sound it makes!"

I laughed hysterically.


When the Librarian addresses Master Chief as ‘Reclaimer’, for the first time.

I also love any dialogue said by Pete Stacker- who doesn’t?

“Alright, this ain’t a picnic people! Move Up!”

> “On occasion.” - Master Chief, about to clear an EVAC zone

Gets me to giggle just a bit every time.

> “Humanity stand as the greatest threat of the galaxy.” - Didact

Whoa, bro.

> “Think of my acts as you will.” - Didact

This shows that there’s two stories to every side. This also shows every guy believes he’s the good guy.

There’s a few others that I like, but these three are at the top.