Best kill ever

What was the best kill you ever got

Depends on the game mode. I managed to get a couple of exterminations in SWAT while I managed to get a Splatter kill in FIrefight by sniping a banshee and one of its exploded pieces flew part way across the map and splattered an Elite Officer. If I can, I will see if I can find them because I know I recorded them on my fileshare.

Had a couple Naires playing infection on the cage that were pretty sweet.

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> What was the best kill you ever got

this was in halo 3, not reach…

I re spawned on Valhalla, grabbed a plasma grenade, threw it in a gravity lift (because why not, I was really young and I was just messing around) and it stuck onto an enemy mongoose as it hit rock and flew by, got me a double kill

im playing team snipers and my phone rings, as i drop my controller on the bed to go pick up the phone, the right trigger gets squeezed and i no scoped someone across the map, nobody believes me to this day