Best Halo map?

What is your favorite Halo Map?

Halo 4 abandon and haven for me

Hang 'em high from CE is by far my favorite, and best map.

Halo 3- Valhalla
Fun and Nostalgic

Infinity or Waterworks

My fav was always Guardian on halo 3

That’s way too hard. I think a favorite classic is Blood Gultch. The original map was perfect and all the remakes of it throughout the years have helped keep the map alive and have given players memories they’ll never forget

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> Halo 3- Valhalla
> Fun and Nostalgic

Halo 3 Valhalla i just love the design and how fun it is to play

Sand trap in halo 3

blood gulch

or sandtrap maybe

Bloodgultch, I mean come on.

Valhalla is mine

The Pit


Oh yeah blood gulch was fun too


Last resort from halo 3, so much memories

The Pit and Narrows. -Yoink- on halo 4 in its entirety.