Best Halo Ever!!!

I am not saying 4 is the best, I just want share my idea of what the best Halo in my mind is.

Big Team Dominion and Invasion wouldn’t be for the competitive Halo players, but those who want Halo style gameplay on a larger scale. You can just have a few playlists of MLG, Slayer Pro, FFA and Ranked Mixed Bag where the players would play team BR’s, DMRs or LR’s like in Halo 3 with objective and slayer variants. These playlists would have their own skill ranks associated with them.

Big Team Dominion:
Anyone who has ever played conquest in battlefield should have a sense of how awesome this game would be. If we had maps with appropriate size you could fit 3-5 bases with 24 players all fighting for map control. Using similar fireteam mechanics a spartan squad of 4 could easily compliment each other in terms of play style. You have the two guys with the BR and some extra ammo, the dmr rifle man and the heavy gunner responsible for toting a machine gun or a couple of rockets with an AR. Imagine how cool it would be to go into battle with a 2 falcons full of spartans with captured banshee flyers providing air support/fighter capability per team. The bases in the current version of dominion already are resupply points where you can pick up a hog and/or grab some ammo to refuel your fireteam. In order to have this though they would need to release 4-5 really open and large environments so vehicle gameplay could take place on this kind of scale. The bases could simply be an open area with some cover or straight longbow style bases. Also decrease the DMR’s rate of fire and/or bring bloom back in so everybody won’t always choose a rifleman loadout. You can’t use custom loadouts here, but game loadouts like assault having a BR/AR with a wheelman mod to help their vehicle, gunner class having only AR and only 2 rockets for vehicles and a rifleman with a dmr and magnum.

Big Team Invasion:
In Reach 6v6 spartans vs elites was probably my favorite playlist because it had a little big of a story element while providing good objective and slayer play, here you had to work as a team if you wanted to win and this included having a good mix of slayers and cappers. 12 v 12 version on a larger scale would probably be just as fun. Custom loadouts probably wouldn’t work here considering with each new phase we are supposed to get better stuff. I know a lot of the community hated Reach but I never really had that problem.

Bring back the weapons and vehicles from every other shooter Halo. The prowler, spectre, revenant, chopper, hornet and falcon allowed for good teamplay in vehicles and the sticky nade launcher, grenade launcher, needle rifle, focus rifle, brute shot, mauler, smgs, spike nades, firebomb nades, classic plasma rifle and spike rifle were all interesting weapons, part of the series and deserve to be represented in future dlc’s and full titles.

Forge Revamp:
Instead of releasing smaller maps and only a few forge places on disc why not just make all or at least most forge environments and then release premade forge variants of those on launch so you can still have the cqc, mid-sized, large and huge maps all at launch. Have them based on certain backdrops, Halo Ring(cough cough forge world), Arctic Tundra, Dessert, open lands near a human settlement or an abandoned settlement, and of course a space environment(impact, but large have it take place on a moon instead of a small asteroid). The pieces they’ve provided in 4 minus the lack of weapons and vehicles in the sandbox are enough to make really cool maps.
You can bring in those infinity gametypes if you want to but separate them from the other playlists where you have custom loadouts and personal ordinance.

Bring back missing objectives like assault and one flag for those who want it. You shouldn’t need a mod to pick up grenades so that should be taken away and defaulted for everybody, small arms shouldn’t do much damage to vehicles and should be based more on 3’s vehicle health than anything else because taking them out should require more than spawning in with stickies and a plasma pistol. Bring firefight back and instead of shipping spartan ops on launch develop it after the games release and make it so it is almost as like a second campaign that uses your model(if you have friends theirs should be included) in the cutscene like Reach did with Noble 6. The next either season of ops or campaign should have a mission like long night of solace where you are actually fighting weapon emplacements AND ENEMY FIGHTERS. The Falcon/Hornet/Pelican missions were always fun so you should have those. Campaign and especially ops should give a sense that you’re actually doing something that matters to the story.

I know what I just described takes inspiration from a lot of other popular shooters out there but I think Halo can do it the best. I would like some constructive feedback on this.