Best Halo comics/books?

Hey all! So I’ve always been invested in the Halo lore, playing all the games, reading wikis, and watching the media. However, I’ve never taken the time to become invested in the paper side of things.

So what is considered the all-time best series of comics/books for Halo? Initiation? The Fall of Reach? The Forerunner Saga?

Should I consider buying the updated Halo encyclopedia or will another update become available that includes the lore from after Halo 3 onwards? What about the Halo 4 visual guide?

I’m really new to this but I’m really curious, any input would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I loved the Blood Lines comic, and Escalation is alright. (These last few issues have kinda not been what I was hoping for, but that is just me.)
Best Halo books are Cryptum and Ghosts of Onyx. I love them.

I personally love the Cole Protocol.

Silentium seems to be the universal favorite.

I’ll forever and always recommend Fall of Reach first, that should be everyone’s first book in the Halo series as it started everything and established the lore for the entire franchise.

However my personal favorite is a toss up between Evolutions(which doesn’t really count…) Ghosts of Oynx(which you must read FoR/First Strike first) and Cryptum.

As for comics, I personally enjoyed HellJumpers, mostly because getting more backstory on a few of the ODST’s from Halo 3: ODST was nice. Uprising was also great if you want more insight into the events between Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Is there a list of all the comics somewhere?

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For me, the best books were Fall of Reach, First Strike, and Ghosts of Onyx

Halo fractures, I have a good intrest in flood lore and it tells a lot about forerunner flood war. My favourite content is the final years on forerunner-flood flood war and is executed well in the book. Even the story of isodidact and adequate observer is written well

Broken Circle, by John Shirley.

So much alien perspective, action, great characters. I love the Ussans.

You may also get Halo Mythos if you want an up-to-date lore book, while the new Encyclopedia is published.

As for the best books, I do believe the short-story compilations Evolutions I & II and Fractures should count, 'cause they’re awesome-

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> Is there a list of all the comics somewhere?
> Edit-Nevermind Found It

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