Best game mode for xp?

title says all, which do i pick to get good attt??? thanks

I’d say SWAT since it’s also a good way to build up your Bullet in the Brain, DMR, and BR commendations. But lately I’ve been getting a lot of lag in SWAT, so idk.

Spartan OPs is a good one too if you dont mind hitting the XP cap in 2 hours.

Spartan Ops is around 4000-6000 every game.

Spartan Ops, 1st mission on easy. Takes about 6-7 minutes if you don’t waste time and results in at least 2500 exp each time, plus challenges. Ultimately more efficient than playing MM.

SpOps chapter 5 in MM w/ dewxp nets almost 12,000 xp every game. obviously half that w/o dewxp