Best Elite Remote settings??

Hey guys I was just wanting to get a consensus of the most popular Elite control settings for Halo. I received one of these remotes for X-Mas and I tried switching to it from the Lunar White Control from Gamestop but I feel as of 10-15 games I do a lot better with the Gamestop one. Any tips and tricks on the best settings for the Elite remote??? I started using the paddles a bit but I’m still not used to them.

I personally use fishstick controls.

then I put:
right lower paddle: jump
Right upper: melee
left lower: reload/swap weapon
left upper: switch grenade

also 5 sens
4 accel.

since I did that control scheme I feel like I play much better. Also I don’t accidentally melee by clicking right stick and ground pound is much easier. I only have to take my thumb off right stick to switch weapon and crouch.

Also it took me between one and one and a half weeks to get used to the paddles and now I can never go back lol. So just stick with it.

I haven’t been able to use all 4 paddles yet, it seems like when I try the top ones activate the bottom ones sometimes.

inner/outer deadzones - 0
look sensitivity - 4
aim acceleration - 2

i played with a bunch of different settings and this worked best for me. the biggest things are the deadzones. having a brand new elite controller there is no reason your deadzones shouldn’t be a zero, other than personal preference I guess. hope this helps.

I bought the controller simply to have thrust on the small left paddle, that plus bumper jumper is a perfect set up for me.

controller scheme recon

upper left paddle: thruster pack
down left paddle: jump
upper right: meele
down right: sprint
Left Bumper: swap weapons

deadzones 0

I’ts hard to chang to a new controller especially whit the new paddles
it took me a lot of playing hours to be frien whit the paddles

> 2533274812620890;3:
> I haven’t been able to use all 4 paddles yet, it seems like when I try the top ones activate the bottom ones sometimes.

i did this in the begiining too but you stop doing it aftter you have played for a while and when you have learned the controller you can be a better and faster player because you don’t need to leave the sticks if you don’t want to

I only use the top left paddle for jumping as I find it uncomfortable with the others and like many others said, the bottom paddles are too easy to accidentally press.
I use LB to thrust and RB to melee.

Anyone use the longer sticks btw? was thinking of using one for the right stick

Long stick on the right stick.
Dead zones both set to 0 for inner, 5% for outer (The single most important change).
Fish Stick control scheme with paddles left at default is perfect, especially useful for trick jumping.
4 Sensitivity
3 Acceleration

Benefits of fish stick:

  • With fish stick and default paddles you never ever need to take your thumbs off the stick.
  • Run on left stick makes perfect sense as it needs no precision and is only ever used when holding forwards
  • Melee on right stick makes hitting melee while doing a quick 180 very easy to time in “panic situations”
  • LT/LB are ADS and thruster. You can’t press both together when using all the paddles but you never need to press ADS and thrust at the same time.
  • RT/RB are shoot and throw grenade. As above you never need to press both together.
  • ADS on left trigger is far superior to using right stick to zoom. You hold LT down during long range firefights and as soon as you are able to it will zoom back in automatically the millisecond you are able to. Being able to zoom in 1 level and back out with a sniper without having to hit zoom twice (as with the stick click method) is far better too.

Whatever scheme you end up with, make sure you never have to take your thumbs off the sticks, and that the LT/LB and RT/RB overlaps are never an issue.

thrust and jump on paddles