Best Classic-esque Settings For OG Diehards

After rigerous testing, My friends and I found these settings the best, And I myself think they are my favourite way to play Halo ever. I would Like to say, as a person who has strongly critiqued Halo Reach and 4, I actually love the feel of Halo 5, and while I do not agree with some of the abilities (Prominently Sprint, Spartan Charge and to a lesser extent, Ground Pound) over all I do like the core gameplay.

But I like my settings a little better. And I encourage any Halo 5 Arena MP haters to set them up and try em out. I’ll provide reasons for my changes or lack of changes to why I feel these settings are so good in spoiler tags for presentation reasons.

120% Move Speed
Reason: This movement speed allows for all the regular sprint + Clamber and sprint, thrust Clamber jumps ive tested to be entirely possible in conjunction with the jump height boost. It also makes some jumps that are slightly inconsistent in base settings much more consistent.110% Jump Height
Reason: Again, this change is mostly to ensure all “skill jumps” are do-able with these settings.140% Clamber Speed
Reason: Clamber is neccesary for some map traversion in Halo 5, most noticably Plaza. To remove it can hurt the flow of some maps. If I could make faster, I would. But maxing Clamber Speed is the best option.Sprint off (By extension any sprint related abilities)
Reason: Well its not going to be classic with sprint on is it? Furthermore spartan is just horrible and feels very cheap and rewards player for sprinting into combat, working against the balancing of sprint. Slide is just kind of there anyway.Ground Pound Off
Reason: Ground Pound was a tricky choice. While I feel its affects are rarely felt, when they are felt it can feel cheap and dirty. But I respect the fact it forces you to give up a vertical advantage. In the end, if you like Ground Pound, switching it on wouldnt be detrimental to the classic-esque experiance. Its a preference if Anything90% Grenade throw speed (the rate at which grenades can be trown one after another)
90% Grenade experience explosive radius
Reason: I feel it rewards more precise throws this way, and reduces the Nade spamming, something I personally feel is a big problem in Halo 5. You may say "you have a thruster, I say I have 1 charge thruster, which is good one Grenade dodge, and the spam is more than one Grenade. Rewarding more precise throws and mitigating Nade soam is always good ImoRadar Off
Reason: Pretty much a standard in comeptitive Halo, as it promote less stagnating stand offs as well as rewarding callouts more.Magnum only starts
Reason: I experimented with BR Starts, but ease of use of the BR stagnated gameplay. The BRs more low tier power weapon postion of Halo 5 made pistol starts better balanced. Removing ARs was better for gameplay as without any Radar, AR charges in CQB were far to effective and made CQB comat very unskillful and boring.Thruster kept in
Reason: I always liked thruster in Halo 4, and Halo 5 makes it an ability key to map movement, so I kept it. Not only that, it works as a nice addition to classic gameplay and feels like it fits well in Halo. Complaining “it’s not Halo” as far as thruster pack us concerned is very close minded as it fits wellWhen 343 releases classic playlists, I think the settings I have put together should be considered as the baseline as where to start from in terms of a finalised settings. They play very well, arguably better than base Halo 5 gameplay. I am not against the new gameplay, but I prefer a more classic experiance, I think my setting make the perfect blend of new and old. These are my favourite Halo settings ever.

These settings allow for a game that feels like Halo 5 but retains a classic atmosphere. I think giving the classic fans something to really enjoy in Halo 5 would be great of the game as a whole

Seems to be about the settings I would think up. Though I’d probably go a step further by tweaking damage values, banning a few specific weapons, and maybe removing thruster. Mixed feelings on thruster because it can lead to some problems.

Op. Have you thought of Using the SMG/ Pistol starts to get that Halo:CE feel.

A lot of people forgot that the reason the BR and SMG was born was because Bungie realized that the AR acted like a SMG and the pistol acted like a rifle.

So the MA5B was replaced by the M7 SMG and the M6D was replaced by the BR55, with the M6C being added to give players an actual pistol.

So me and my friends feel that the Pistol/SMG has the closest feel to the original Halo CE AR/Magnum starts compared to the Halo 5 AR, (which acts like a real assualt rifle)

Why did you adjust the clamber speed? Interesting choice.

Isnt 120 speed movement going to affect the duels because straffing is much more effective?